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One in 10 people suffer from one of the 80 distinct chronic autoimmune disease, or immune-mediated inflammatory disease (IMID), ranging from the more common plaque psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's disease to orphan diseases like systemic sclerosis or sarcoidosis

There is a clear unmet medical need  with the available drugs failing to successfully treat many of these patients to disease remission.


Methotrexate is the 1st line, cornerstone drug treatment to treat most of the chronic autoimmune disease. However, to be optimally effective, it needs to be retained in the pro-inflammatory cells long enough to be poly-glutamated by intracellular enzymes.

Novobiocin can successfully trap methotrexate in the cells by blocking the efflux protein ABCG2.

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Marguerite Mensonides



Karin von Wachenfeldt

Vice President


Charlott Brunmark


Charlott, Karin and Marguerite first met almost 25 years ago early in their careers. 


Since then, they have moved through the pharmaceutical industry in different executive functions,

leading early hit-to-lead R&D to pipeline development to market access and pharmaceutical sales.


Together they share the know-how needed to identify an unmet medical need, develop a drug product that addresses said unmet medical need and successfully bring such a product to the market and into the hands of the patient

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance patients’ every day quality of life. 

Founded in 2020.  Get in touch to learn more.


Henrik Fenger.png

Henrik Fenger

Market Access strategist

lars rasmussen.png

Lars B Rasmussen

CFO consultant

Tom Huizinga.png

Prof. Dr. Tom Huizinga


Teun van Gelder.png

Prof. T. van Gelder


Henrik Fenger and Lars Rasmussen joined Amplio Pharma as advisors in 2022 adding their unique experience in market accessmarketing&sales,  as well as finance within pharmaceutical companies to the founders team

Prof. Tom W.J. Huizinga, who heads the Rheumatology department and Prof. Teun van Gelder, who heads the Academic Pharma group at the reknown LUMC in Leiden, the Netherlands, share a passion for sustainable and affordable pharmaceutical care


For Methotrexate Forte to come to the market, it has to go through a clinical development program

where it shows superiority over the current drug products with methotrexate. Because we have chosen our PK enhancer in a smart and sustainable way, we already know a lot about the clinical behavior of Methotrexate Forte and we have shown that in pre-clinical models, Methotrexate Forte delivers what it promises: an elongated elimination of methotrexate from the system!

Together with the Academic Pharma group of the LUMC, the phase 1 clinic of Leiden (CHDR) and the rheumatology group of the LUMC, and the GMP-qualified analysis lab BrightLabs, we are now getting ready for the human proof-of-principle study, which will test the hypothesis of Methotrexate Forte in both healthy volunteers AND in patients

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