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Produced in the fall of 2023, this film introduces Amplio Pharma and its 3 female founders,

as well as our ambitions for Methotrexate Forte:

But the seed for Amplio Pharma was planted 20+ years ago when we all worked at Astra Zeneca.

The combination of our different expertises - Charlott in pharmacology, Karin in immunology and Marguerite in pharmacy - laid the foundation for us to develop a modified retention technology that we apply in our Methotrexate Forte. Here we see a clear opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of patients: amplification of the Gold Standard

We filed a patent disclosing Methotrexate Forte in May 2017 and founded the company Amplio Pharma after we received a positive opinion back from the EPO. The patent was awarded by the EPO in August 2021 and received its notice of allowance from the USPO in December 2023.

Karin von Wachenfeldt: "I want the patients to feel better so they can fully take back their lives."

Charlott Brunmark: "The great thing with Methotrexate Forte is the modified retention. It will amplify the treatment effect of methotrexate"

Marguerite Mensonides: "With novobiocin we have a small molecule that is known to be safe in humans. How lucky to have nature provide us with this PK enhancer for methotrexate!"

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