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"The seed for Amplio Pharma was planted 20 years ago when we all worked at Astra Zeneca"

"Yes, your experience with pharmacology with Karin's expertise in immunology"

"added to your knowledge of chemistry.


It laid the foundation for us to develop the modified retention technology," "and with this tech applied in AMP101, we really have the opportunity to make a difference!" 

"And look where we are now! We have started the company Amplio Pharma and we have a patent and we have our modified retention technology and we have fantastic facilities where we work and where we can actually interact with a whole eco-system of different entrepreneurs."

"I am Karin von Wachenfeldt and I am the CEO of Amplio Pharma. We think, AMP101 will make many patients feel better and be able to take back their lives."

"I am Charlott Brunmark and I am the CSO of Amplio Pharma. The great thing with AMP101 is its modified retention. I will amplify the effect of the treatment"

"My name is Marguerite Mensonides, and as the COO of Amplio Pharma, it is my responsibility to attract the right investors and partners to realize the potential of AMP101 and follow-up products."

"We have the pre-clinical program in order and it should be straightforward for us." "And the CMC should be straightforward as well with our new modified retention technology." "And I think together we can piece together also the phase I clinical studies." "And the phase II! I've run several of those." "So, I think we have most of the skills that we need." "Technical skills, yes." "And we have done it before."

"But, there are things that we lack."  "Yes, definitely! I think there is a lot of things that we lack, and I think the skills of attracting funds, that is really..." "yes, we have never done that before."  "And the networks to get the people, actually"  "their experience"  "experienced people who know who to talk to" "and third?"  "we do need those Euro's"  "Yes, we do need some money!"  "Hmm, absolutely!"

"Thank you for your attention and for considering us for the Women TechEU programme."

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