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Our logo


Our logo was designed by Sara Camilla Sällberg

Amplio Pharma - validated medicine, amplified

The word "Amplio" stands for amplification. Within our company, we strive to amplify the clinical efficacy of medicinal drug substances (pharmaceuticals).

Through the application of state-of-the-art technologies that have been developed in the decades that followed the original launch the older drug substances that form the cornerstone treatments within the portfolio of medicines that doctors have at their disposal to treat their patients.

Within our logo, you can find the letter A both as the latin letter a and the greek letter α (alpha) 

The word "Pharma" stands for pharmaceuticals, a word originating both in greek and in latin, meaning the art of preparing drugs.

Within our logo, you can find the letter P both as the latin letter p and the greek letter φ (phi) 

Another symbols that we have incorporated in our logo are the infinity symbol

as we are convinced of the potential infinity of manners in which we can sustainably improve on our portfolio of pharmaceuticals that are available to us as a society today - if only we take a good look!

The last symbol hidden in our logo is the "asklepian" the rod held by Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine

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